What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Elephant in the Photograph April 21, 2014

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Before I was born, my mother took my sister and her Girl Scout troop to the zoo. Since they were so cute and little, the zoo keeper let the scouts have special time with the elephants. They got to feed the elephants carrots and other munchy little treats. My sister, who was very young at the time, got to feed the baby elephant. She loved it, laughing and smiling with childlike mirth as she tossed carrots into his tiny, baby, elephantine mouth. So, my mother had my sister turn around and take a picture. While my sister was distracted by the camera, the mother elephant nudged the baby out of the way, so when my sister turned back around, instead of a little elephant, she found a giant elephant!

She looked at my mother and said with earnest little eyes, “I don’t think that elephant needs more food.” Her powerful carrot feeding skills had made the elephant grow up in a minute! It was like a shrinky dink in reverse! I think we can all now agree that eating your vegetables is clearly dangerous. The moral of this story: Health food kills the waist line.


2 Responses to “The Elephant in the Photograph”

  1. The mother elephant knew that baby was getting too many carrots and would get a tummyache – so she stepped in an took the bullet for her baby.

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