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My Car is a TARDIS April 19, 2014

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My car is a TARDIS. For those of you who aren’t Doctor Who fans, please follow this link and then come back to read the rest of the blog. For those of you who know that “Are you my mummy?” is never a good question and that bowties are cool, I am serious.

My car Pam has been with my husband and me since we left college. She has over 220,000 miles on her. She has been with us across the country and through thick and thin. We have had our troubles, and she has had her breakdowns. And now as we prepare ourselves to say goodbye to Pam, I have realized that she has this amazing BBC worthy ability.

Time after time, we have packed all our belongings into Pam. And somehow everything has always fit. No matter how many times we said it was too much or too heavy for her old little engine to pull up mountains in Colorado, Pam made it every time.

But this trip… we knew this trip was going to be Pam’s last. So when we left the theatre, we left the majority of our belongings behind with the plan to reunite with them when we go back to the same theatre in a few months. When we went to pack the car sans most-of-what-we-own, we thought she would be mostly empty. But she was still full! How is that possible? We left behind boxes of stuff. And still, we can barely see out the back window. And that’s when I realized that Pam always expands to fit what we need her to. She is bigger on the inside. She is a TARDIS in disguise.

How can I possibly consider giving up a car that is capable of traveling to any time and any place and quite possibly has a hidden pool? She is the best car in the world. I must keep her forever. Except that sometimes she gives a death sigh when I start her.

Where is the Doctor? He can fix Pam. The sonic screwdriver will make her the TARDIS she was always meant to be.


5 Responses to “My Car is a TARDIS”

  1. You certainly can’t give her up until you find the library. And don’t forget that River says the TARDIS isn’t SUPPOSED to make that sound…

  2. Definitely one of life’s hard moments….a cherished car that gives its all for you……but she’s tired now…..time for a rest….

  3. […] survived and rose above her humble beginnings. She has become more than her brand. She is a magical TARDIS of a car. And even if she doesn’t have the trunk space of a Toyota Matrix or the head room of a Kia Soul, […]

  4. […] miss our old car, Pam. She was a tried and true friend. And getting rid of her feels like the end of an era. Like we’re […]

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