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Relationship Advice and Why You Should Never Take Any From Me April 7, 2014

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I met my husband when I was eighteen. Aside from the one week that my husband stupidly dumped me when we were still eighteen (if I haven’t told you that story then I should) we have been together ever since. I couldn’t be happier, but that means I know nothing about dating and that I would make a horrible lifetime original movie.

When friends talk about this guy they just met and how they should approach him, I have no idea what to tell them. A girl says she likes the barista at Starbucks, I say pass him a note. A girl says she wants her boyfriend to propose, but he won’t do it. I say either dump him or make him a savings plan for the ring. I never think about practicalities like where they are emotionally in the relationship. Or if they have a place to live. Or if one of them is married already. I assume that since I got engaged, if they want to, they should do it, too.

Unless I think they shouldn’t get married. Then I say run!! Run like they are filming the Walking Dead behind you! Get out! It could be that I don’t like your mate. It could be that he’s a big fat cheater. But I’ve never understood the point in staying with a cheater face. If you don’t trust the person you’re with to not cheat on you if locked in a hotel with a pretty person in panties for a weekend, you probably shouldn’t get married. Why would you want to give yourself an ulcer wondering if every time your spouse walks out the door they’re going to come home with the clap?

Of course, people change. There are agreements and extenuating circumstances, blah, blah, blah. But I don’t understand those things because I’ve never dealt with them.

So next time you want my advice, please keep it to what shoes you should wear on your date or what hair color you shouldn’t try. If you listen to me, you’ll either end up alone, waiting for the perfect guy, or looking up engagement rings on your boyfriend’s computer so they pop up in his Facebook news feed.


2 Responses to “Relationship Advice and Why You Should Never Take Any From Me”

  1. sfv7786 Says:

    Love the honesty!!! My mom has been with my dad since she was 16. Congrats on all the happiness and ignorance 😄

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