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When All Else Fails March 29, 2014

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When I was sixteen, the boy I liked told me I could never win the biggest scouting event in the country. Not without him. So, I formed a ragtag group of six and we beat groups of thirty to win.

When I was in college, my Dean told me I would never graduate without his help. I graduated from another college three weeks later.

My department head in college said I was too heavy to be a dancer and would never work in show business. I’ve been a professional performer for seven years.

And this week, my publisher closed its doors not even two months before my book The Tethering was set to release. It was a hard blow. I had just finished ordering my swag, and suddenly I have no publisher. But I do have the rights to my book. I do have a wonderful cover. And I do have all of you. I’m still working on a plan right now. I have queries out to a few publishers, asking if they would like to adopt my little book. I have also decided to contact a few agents. And if all else fails, I will self publish The Tethering.

Through my experience with Entranced, I have met some wonderful authors and editors. I have learned an immense amount about the publishing process. And most importantly, I have gained the confidence I need to move forward with The Tethering, even if I have to do it on my own.

I can’t wait for all of you to read my book. And one way or the other, it will be published soon. So stay tuned for more updates and adventures!


2 Responses to “When All Else Fails”

  1. notmarch Says:

    It’s gonna happen! I know it!

  2. I am so sorry your publisher crapped out on you – as a fellow writer, I can feel your pain.

    I’d go straight to self pub if it is all text, but think about a publisher if you have illustrations. Or if your primary market is printed books.

    Jaye Manus ( has done a mock up of my novel for eventual self publishing. Her blog is an amazing collection of information (she has more work than she can handle), and you might want to take a look at her posts on how to DIY. She also handles doing it for you, but I’d start at educating yourself.

    When you look back at the amount of time it took to get to this point for this book, you might not have the heart to do it all again.

    OTOH, you now have your first ‘publisher bummed out on me’ story. Not much consolation, but some.

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