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The Reincarnation of Birdy (The Third Chapter – PG) March 26, 2014

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Right now, besides having the privilege of performing in the wonderful play Dixie Swim Club, I am also playing Maxine the Pirate in a How I Became a Pirate. The Pirate show is adorable. We sing about talking like a Pirate and burying treasure, and none of the kids ever know that there shouldn’t be a pretty girl pirate because I would have been raped and killed long ago if it were a ship of real pirates. But I don’t mind any of the practical inaccuracies because I get to have a parrot that lives on my shoulder whom my character believes is alive.

It is stated very clearly in the show, “It’s only a stuffed plush parrot, but Maxine thinks he’s real and we haven’t had the heart to tell her he isn’t.” So for an hour I am a very clean pirate who believes the Styrofoam parrot on my shoulder is real. His feathers are bedraggled, the Velcro that holds him on gets stuck in my wig, his beak is falling off, and I love him. He is my friend, and I will not be judged for it!

I usually laugh at actors who become emotionally attached to puppets and things of that sort. But I love my parrot Petey. He is my friend and confidant. At first, I was wondering if I really just needed to settle down and buy a cat that badly, and then I realized. It was just like when I had created a deep love for my Styrofoam feather covered Birdy during the Haunted Teas at my mother’s inn. It was the same quiet comfort, same non-environmentally friendly heart speaking to me. And then I knew. Petey is Birdy reincarnated. His sweet soul has come back from the great beyond to comfort me as I go through the stress of having my first novel published. Birdy has been reborn to help me bring Piratey joy to children and to sooth my heart.

Happy reincarnation, Birdy!


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