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Remembering What You Wrote March 1, 2014

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I love going to the theatre. I mean, clearly. I decided to make a career of going to the theatre eight times a week. Okay, usually more than eight times, but hey, some people find peace in Yoga, I find it in stage lights.

Anyway, when I was growing up, my mother used to take us to camp on Cape Cod every summer, and if there was something good playing, she would take us to see a show at the professional theatre near our favorite campground.

One summer, the show was The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged, which is a fantastically funny piece of theatre, and you should see it if you ever get the chance. It was going to be at the amazing outdoor stage. I was practically peeing my little self with excitement. Right before the show was supposed to start, the Stage Manager came out and told us that unfortunately, while running through the woods during a chase in the performance the previous night, one of the actors fell and broke his leg. But one of the writers of the show, who had directed the production, was still in town, and he would be performing in the show that night, book in hand.

One of the writers in the show! If I wasn’t a big believer in bladder control, I would have peed my panties with joy right there! I mean, I felt bad for the dude with the broken leg, but seeing the writer perform in the show?! Amazing!

And he was brilliant! The show is filled with huge physical comedy, blow up sharks, silly string, and in this case, creamy soup, and he was amazing, even with a script in his hand. The best part was when he stopped in the middle of a scene and said “Wait, I wrote that? Did I really write that line?” Yes, sir, you did. He did an amazing job, and I will never forget that night at the theatre.

But the whole question of “did I write that?” rings a little more true for me this week. My first book is coming out May 12th, and I just submitted the sequel to my editor a few days ago. And I can’t help but wonder, when I see the book on my nook or in paperback form, will I think “Wait, I wrote that? Did I really write that?” Hopefully, I’ll mean it in a good way.

For more information on my book The Tethering and the sequel currently entitled The Siren’s Realm, please visit


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  1. notmarch Says:

    Congrats! So exiting!!

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