What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Grace under Fire February 24, 2014

I think that, generally speaking, I am fairly calm under pressure. Maybe not graceful, maybe not sweet or nice, but calm. I may freak out if you tell me I’m on my own for lunch, but have the car breakdown in the middle of the night on a cross country trip, and I’ve got it under control. And I have the best example.

My husband had handpicked the design and diamond for my engagement ring. Everything had to go off and get specially made. It’s the perfect ring for me. But since the band is all curvy, we had to have a special shadow band made for my wedding band.

While we were living in the Bronx, we took the ring into the Kay’s in Manhattan. The process for getting the band made was going to be simple. They would take my engagement ring, send it away to have a mold made, and then my ring would come back with a blue wax mold of what the wedding band would be like. I would approve the mold, and it would be cast in white gold. Process fin.

So, I sent my ring away, but three weeks later, it wasn’t back. My husband dropped by to ask about it, and they told him they would check on it and then call me. That afternoon I got the call. My ring had been checked into a Fed-Ex warehouse a week before but had never checked out. There is no way to track packages in the warehouse, and since it was stupidly marked to go to Kay Jewlers, the chances were very high that it had been taken by an employee. They regretted to inform me that I would probably not be getting my ring back.

The smart woman on the phone seemed to recognize the imminent danger of telling a customer that you lost her engagement ring, and before I could formulate words, promised a new ring would be immediately made with an upgrade diamond, and she would throw in some gift certificates, too.

I told her before she made anything, she needed to call the warehouse and make them crawl around on their hands and knees until they had searched every corner of the place. And no, I didn’t care if it was the size of a football field. That is, after all, what knee pads are for.

The next week, she called and told me they had found my engagement ring and the wedding band they had made to go with it. It had fallen behind a shelf. I had never approved the wedding band, so it had to get sent away again and blah blah blah. But the point of the story is, I didn’t go all Godzilla and haul the Fed-Ex CEO up the Empire State Building and hold them hostage for my ring. I stayed calm and got my ring back. And my husband used the gift certificate to buy me pearl earrings.

So as I get closer to the publication date for The Tethering, and the stress begins to mount, I will stay calm. I will handle the bumps with grace and dignity. And I really hope my husband has jewelry waiting for me at the end. *Wink, wink* Thanks for editing this blog, honey!

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3 Responses to “Grace under Fire”

  1. You handled it beautifully, now I just hope they finish the job well. Congratulations by the way! (=

  2. Good to know. Deal first, fall apart later (if necessary), is a good plan.

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