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Ag(r)ave Mistake February 17, 2014

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Last week, I had the opportunity to go with a friend to an open house at a Latter Day Saints (Mormon) temple. I’m not the most reverent person, and religion has never really been my thing, but who am I to turn down an interesting cultural experience? So, my husband and I went with our dear friend. We sat down and watched the little history film, and then our friend told us the fun little fact that each LDS temple pulls in design elements from the surrounding landscape and culture. Since this temple was built in the Arizona desert, the motif for the temple was the agave plant.

In the carvings on the walls, in the stained glass windows, even in the carpet, was the agave plant. There was something about it being symbolic of ancestors supporting the future, and blah blah deep and meaningful blah. But all I could think of while touring this place that holds deep religious meaning to a whole lot of people was they have created a shrine to tequila! Tequila comes from agave, agave is all over the temple, the temple is devoted to tequila! My logic is flawless!

Bt LDS don’t drink. How would they know the implications of the agave? Clearly, they didn’t have a non-member on the design board. And the icing on the alcoholic cake was the wonderful fountain and pool outside. As the children smiled and played, all I could think of was a fountain of tequila blessing all God’s children. And then I felt like a terrible human being. But the tequila temple will stand in the desert for years to come, bringing about spiritual enlightenment for the believers and giggles for the immature who enter its gates.


5 Responses to “Ag(r)ave Mistake”

  1. ksbeth Says:

    this is so funny! and i’m not religious either –

  2. I’m Mormon and I think its a pretty funny perspective. Thanks for supporting your friend and our culture. 🙂

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