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An Absolute Habit February 15, 2014

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I can say with absolute certainty that the word absolutely has gotten me in more trouble than any other word. I know you would think it would be a four letter word, or some naughty code word, but it really is absolutely.

The problem is I have a problem saying “no,” and I have a deep seeded feeling that I really might in fact be super woman, able to multi-task through mountains of work in a single bound. So when someone asks me to help with a project, I say, “Absolutely!” I don’t look at my planner to see that I will not in fact have time to eat, poop, or write my blog. I just say, “Absolutely! I’d love to.” And the problem is, I really want to do it.

I want to earn the money from the extra shift, and sing in cabaret, and choreograph, and do research, all while rehearsing one show, performing another, trying to get my taxes done, and editing the sequel to my young adult novel The Tethering. Even when there is something I don’t want to do, I still say, “Absolutely,” because it’s a habit. Some people smoke, some people do Meth, I say, “Absolutely.”

My poor, sweet husband gets pulled along for the ride and has over the past ten years learned to just smile, nod, and feed me. But sometimes, I just want to sleep in. And take a full day off. But even when I do get a day, I feel like the nearest mountain is crying out, “Come climb me!” and I say absolutely.

I apologize, my sweet blog friends, for not having some wonderfully witty story for you to read today. But I did climb Camel Back Mountain this week without peeing on the way up or down. My shirt did pop open during the show Wednesday night. And I used the word absolutely a lot.


One Response to “An Absolute Habit”

  1. Now, while you’re young and have no kids, is the time to try absolutely everything you can.

    You’ll find your limits soon enough – don’t clip your own wings too early.

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