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A Uke Addiction February 3, 2014

I have an unhealthy obsession with my ukulele. Not that I’m really good at it. I’m just obsessed with him. Yes, it is a him, and his name is Lil’ Chip, because he has a tiny chip on his back corner. But please don’t blame him for that flaw. It’s what makes him beautiful.

When I was little, I made my mother by me a ukulele because I needed it. I never really learned how to play and lost interest quickly. Fast forward twenty years to my husband showing me a clip of Jake Shimabukuro playing. He is a god among men. That man single handedly revolutionized the world or ukuleles.

So, I made my mother bring me the ukulele she had bought me when I was little so I could learn to play it. The poor old uke was cracked and wouldn’t stay in tune for more than ten minutes. But my husband promised that if I practiced and got better at the old uke he would buy me a nice new one for my birthday. So practice I did. All around cast housing with my out of tune ukulele. I made up a song: Megan’s Ukulele. I would post the tabs for it, but there is no need. All you have to do is sing the words Megan’s Ukulele over and over again, not quite choosing a key whilst changing cords at random.

I had one roommate at the time with a good ear for music and a relatively short temper. I found great joy following her around the house singing Megan’s Ukulele over and over again. When she made dinner, I would sit in the kitchen and serenade her. Really, I just wanted to see if she would ever snap and punch me in the face (What can I say? I like to live on the edge.), but she never did. And all my following her around helped me improve my uke skills.

Finally, my birthday came, and my husband took me to New York City. And at the Sam Ash store, we found Lil’ Chip. It was love at first strum. My husband also bought me tickets for a Jake Shimabukuro concert, which was amazing. And he signed my uke and case afterward. And when he held my sweet Lil’Chip in his godlike hands, he said, “Hey, this is a pretty nice uke.” Lil’ Chip is clearly destined for great things.

I leave you now with a Jake Shimabukuro clip. Watch it and experience the joy of the ukulele.

I’m going to play with Lil’Chip.


4 Responses to “A Uke Addiction”

  1. jackie Says:

    Love love the ‘over the rainbow ukelele version…

  2. That is one of my favorite pieces from The Beatles ! Sounds great, keep it up!

  3. Nathan Says:

    Have you ever listened to Eddie Vedder’s uke album?

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