What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Goodbye Blossom January 22, 2014

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We gather here today to mourn the loss of the good and wonderful plant, Blossom. She joined our family at Christmas of this year. Her promise of a spring bloom brought us much joy and is what gave her her name.


Blossom leaves behind a family who loved and cared for her, moving her from window to window to catch the few rays of winter sun. But do not despair. Even though blossom was with us for a short time, she had a full life. Blossom traveled with us, looking out the windshield on one of our great adventures. She saw more of the world than most succulent plants ever do.IMG_2255

Alas, a vicious disease caused by overwatering took a toll on Blossom’s health, and despite her family’s best efforts, she was unable to recover. Blossom was interred in the dumpster earlier this week. Her soil was donated back to the earth.IMG_2260

The family thanks you for your condolences. Blossom is with the succulent spirit now. She is at peace.


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