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A Bridal Breakdown: Part Three January 1, 2014

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A lot of brides freak out on their wedding day. Getting cold feet is a totally normal thing. You are, after all, promising to love one person for the rest of your life whilst throwing the biggest party you’ll ever have. Unless of course you win a major award or have an upgrade marriage later on.

I was pretty calm the whole morning before the wedding. My mother was panicking that none of us were ready and that the photographer would be there in a half hour. She didn’t seem to understand that I’m an actor. I always get ready in a half hour. And I usually wear a whole lot more makeup. All I did was call down the stairs to my bridesmaids, “Half-hour.” They called back, “Thank you, half.” And that was the end of it. We were all ready and waiting when it was time for pictures.

It was raining out, so I had to wear snow boots under my dress to get from the house to the venue.


But still, I was doing all right. Until I had to put my heels back on. Then I suddenly realized that I was wearing heels and a train and that I was expected to walk up an aisle that ended with stairs in front of everyone. And I had never rehearsed in this dress. I was going to face plant! I had fallen on stage before, but that’s no big deal. You just do a better job at the show tomorrow. But there was no show tomorrow! This was it.

I was standing in the coat room, and I refused to leave. I decided that my husband was going to come to me, and we were going to be married in the coat room where there was far less of a chance of me falling and showing everyone I knew my panties.

My sister said no. I had to go get married under the twinkle light Huppa (I’m not Jewish, but I’ll tell you that story sometime). We had set up the room, and I was getting married in it. I said maybe I could get married in the back of the room. Everyone could turn their chairs around, and my husband could walk up the aisle to me. I was brilliant. Why had brides in long dresses been walking up the aisle all these years? The grooms were in pants. Let them do the walking while we stand there and look pretty. This was the best idea ever!

I don’t really remember what one of my bridesmaids said to finally convince me that I was capable of walking up the aisle. I think it had something to do with if I could dance in a ball gown, I could walk in a wedding dress, so I had best get my butt out there.

I took the long walk down the aisle, flowers in hand and smiling. I made it up the stairs without falling. It was perfect.

Never be afraid to fall on your face. Sometimes the risk is the only way up the aisle.



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  1. Love the red – and the black boots.

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