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A Bridal Breakdown: Part Two December 30, 2013

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My wedding was very homegrown. The venue owed my mom a favor. The DJ was an old friend of my sister’s. We set out our own table cloths and used the china from my mother’s Inn. I would tell you how much it cost to do the whole thing, but that would be cruel. It was amazingly simple, and everything I ever wanted. Except for the food.

All I wanted for my wedding was my mother’s lasagna. My mother doesn’t cook. Not that she can’t, she just doesn’t. One of the few things that she made when I was growing up was a special lasagna for Birthdays and other super special celebrations. And what could be more special than my wedding? There were only about fifty people coming to the wedding, so why shouldn’t my mom be able to cook for them?

She agreed, and I was thrilled.

It was going to be the best wedding food ever! Until she called me when I was on my way home for the wedding a mere four days before the big event. She called while I was in the car to tell me she was too overwhelmed and would have no time to cook. My wedding was ruined! There would be no food! Then she said her friend had a boyfriend with a barbeque truck and he would make the food. A barbeque wedding?! My inner Bridezilla went into full breakdown mode. I was going to have barbeque at my wedding! Barbeque is nothing like lasagna! Not even similar!

Well she cried, and I said it was fine. And the wedding arrived with the barbeque truck. There was grilled chicken, and salmon, and vegetables. And everyone said it was the best food they had ever had at a wedding. And really, it was wonderful. It was made by friends, and it was delicious. Sometimes when life steals your lasagna, you have to eat chicken instead. And it’s perfect.



4 Responses to “A Bridal Breakdown: Part Two”

  1. ksbeth Says:

    wonderful post and wonderful attitude )

  2. I really should make the cake I DIDN’T get for my wedding – in 1975! – and get over it.

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