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Presents on the Tree December 11, 2013

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I loved playing dress up when I was little. Makes sense, considering I currently play dress up for a living. My mother gave us some of her old clothes from the 70’s and bought us odds and ends at garage sales. My father made my Halloween costumes every year. He did a great job, except the year made my princess costume with my sister’s measurements and I had to go to the town Halloween party dressed as Robin Hood. My mother told me that if I sang during the costume parade, it would make it better. It didn’t. But even the unfortunate Robin Hood debacle didn’t kill my love for dress up.

Every Christmas, my sister and I would sneak downstairs to see all the presents before we woke my parents up. My sister would keep me busy for hours, reading me Christmas stories so we wouldn’t wake my parents up at 3:30am. That is sisterly love right there.

One year, we snuck downstairs and found the most beautiful presents on the tree. Not under, but on. My mother had bought us sheets of lamé in gold, silver, pink, and blue.  My sister had to drag me away to keep me from ripping the shiny sheets off the tree. We had more fun with those sheets of fabric than most kids have with an X-box. We were princesses and harem girls, which is a little weird, but whatever. We staged funerals in the parlor. Royal funerals of course. Normal people don’t get buried in sparkling fabric.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that bring us the most joy. A sheet of fabric can be anything you want it to be and to this day is the best Christmas present I ever got.


2 Responses to “Presents on the Tree”

  1. Wish I’d thought of that one – or that my mother had. Sheets of wonderful fabric sounds fabulous.

    I’m not a girly girl – I was too large, and have never been able to shop for attractive clothes that fit in stores – so I gave up long ago. Chronic illness hasn’t helped.

    But the third child, the daughter, loves clothes – I wish I’d given her fabric. She has oodles of costumes and shiny things, and the princess hat from Disneyworld.

    In our household the kids always made their own costumes – and I helped. I once sewed a simple suit of mail for the middle child – and we literally wore the silver off the black acetate backing, it was used and reused for so many things.

    Great memories – I need to drag those pictures out. Thanks.

  2. […] then, it was time for Christmas morning with stockings, hot tea, and muffins. I would wonder at the presents from Santa and how he knew so much about what I wanted that year. The lights were sparkling on the tree. We […]

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