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I Hate Spoilers: Your Friendly Wednesday Morning Rant December 4, 2013

I hate spoilers. I often even say “Spoilers” in my best River Song impersonation from Doctor Who. If I say I am in the middle of a book and you tell me “Oh, just wait until Jack Butterbutt dies. That’s when it gets really good,” you are in fact risking your life.

Those poops who went around telling everyone how Ron Weasley died in the last Harry Potter are on my “you suck” list forever. And yes, I know that isn’t how the book goes, but I didn’t want to ruin the book for anyone who has been living under a rock for the past few years.

Prequels bother me because I know you can’t die. Startrek into Darkness bothered me because I knew Spock and Kirk couldn’t die. They are the foundation upon which the entire franchise was built.

But now The Walking Dead had its mid-season finale on Sunday. I couldn’t watch it until Tuesday. Not a long gap really. Forty-eight hours is really not that far behind. But The Walking Dead Facebook fan page posted a huge spoiler about their own show! Why?!!!!! Why would you do this?!!! Now I had to defriend them. I hope that losing this fan makes a dent in their one-hundred- and- eight thousand likes! And I hope they know it was because they ruined their own story for me!

This Wednesday rant is brought to you by my Zombie obsession. And in other news, I am now going to be a contributor on the blog: the official blog for the Young Adult branch of Entranced publishing, who will be publishing my debut novel The Tethering in 2014. Or you could read about the sequel I’m working on by going to my author blog at  I would tell you about it here, but… spoilers.


3 Responses to “I Hate Spoilers: Your Friendly Wednesday Morning Rant”

  1. Sam Wend Says:

    Completely agreed. The best experience watching Doctor Who for me was the first couple seasons when I knew literally nothing about the structure of the show, how/why there were different Doctors and companions or when a given character was leaving. Honestly, I even would’ve been happier not knowing who the twelfth doctor is ahead of time.

  2. […] hate spoilers. For those of you who follow my not-so-authory blog, I have already spoken on my loathing of spoilers once, and you’ll have to forgive my revisiting the topic. However, I do have a very different […]

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