What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Blue Screen of Death: Stage Edition November 16, 2013

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Stage magic is hard. When you go to see a show, you see performers dancing on stage as the sets glide (hopefully) on and off stage. What you don’t see is the Tetris of set pieces backstage that the performers have to try not to trip on while stripping in the wings to get ready for their next entrance.

One theatre I worked at had almost no wing (off stage) space. So, they used a lot of projections. It was actually really cool. We would have tables and chairs and things, but the background was all really neat projections.

Then, as always, things went horribly wrong. We were on the final scene of act one. The full cast was on stage singing the most beautiful song of the whole show, when the projection of the ferris wheel was replaced by a blue screen of death with the white word “Hitachi” across the middle. One would assume that the projection would be shut off immediately and reset during intermission, but no. The only way to turn off the projector was by standing center stage with a remote. Because that is clearly the smartest way to turn and off stage equipment, by standing center stage with a little black remote.

The cast giggled their way through the rest of the act. We decided later that Hitachi was our new show sponsor and that was just their way of advertising. This performance is brought to you by Hitachi! To this day, I cannot see or think the word Hitachi without laughing. Hitachi… hehe.


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