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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas… Already November 2, 2013

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On Halloween day this year, I started rehearsals for A Christmas Carol. I’m a big Christmas lover, and A Christmas Carol is my favorite movies. The Muppets’ version, that is. It’s just a bit strange to start working on Christmas while worrying about turning off the porch light so scary pirates don’t hate me for not having a bowl of candy ready for them. Sorry, kids.

Growing up at my Mother’s inn, we started Christmas teas at the beginning of November. One of the games she played with the guests involved singing Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly. But only up to the very first Fa La La La La. Those stinking Fa La La La Las would echo throughout the house over and over again, frequently causing pre-Christmas tears and nervous breakdowns.  I thought I would escape the Christmas plight by going to college.

No such luck. For four years in college, we had to audition for and start rehearsing for the Christmas show in August. Four solid months of Christmas can be a little wearing on the nerves. And not even just looking at decorations. I mean listening to the same dozen or so Christmas songs hundreds of times.

I thought when I left college, I would escape the third-of-a-year-long Christmas, but alas, my first year out of college I worked on a Christmas madrigal show that started rehearsal in August. The next year, I got lucky. I started Christmas rehearsal in early November. Every year as people start complaining about the commercialization of Christmas and Department stores decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, I have already been fitted for my red and green costumes.

So this year as we enter November, I wish you a Merry Christmas. May the next two months be filled with Christmas Cheer, endless carols, and lots of Reese’s Trees. Merry Christmas to all, and to all happy fall!


5 Responses to “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas… Already”

  1. helenrj Says:

    I understand totally. I once worked the soundboard at a theater for 18 performances of The Nutcracker…I still have a hard time watching the ballet.

  2. Sam W Says:

    Even though I hated doing Christmas stuff in October when I did the Allenberry Christmas show, ever since then I’ve been ready for the season as soon as November hits… That’s

    • Sam Wend Says:

      Oops – this cut off before I finished… Redo!

      Even though I hated doing Christmas stuff in October when I did the Allenberry Christmas show, ever since then I’ve been ready for the season as soon as November hits… It makes being in London this fall wonderful; since they don’t have Thanksgiving and Halloween isn’t as big a deal, the Christmas decor is out in full force as soon as November rolls around!

  3. I’m more likely to be of the ‘it’s Christmas Eve – I TOLD you we needed to start thinking about it,’ ‘where the heck did we store the tree’ – kind.

    But after you practice, practice, practice, you DO want to dance the Nutcracker more than once, don’t you? After all, people covet jobs on Broadway, where they’re going to be singing, dancing, and acting the same thing for YEARS if the show is successful, right?

    • It’s true. If I do a show for less than six weeks it’s hard to see the point in learning it. I just find it difficult to get in the Christmas mood before the leaves have changed. Maybe I should blame global warming.

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