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My Wife: A Descent into Madness October 23, 2013

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It’s post 101, and Megan has actually consented to have me, her husband, on the site as a guest blogger! Oh the stories I could tell… Embarrassing stories galore. But I’m a good husband. Not to mention the fact that Megan has final say of what I get to put on the blog. So, today I shall share with you what the past couple of months have been like managing Megan’s multiple near-meltdowns during the editing process for The Tethering.

Megan is one of the most intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, though there are some gaps in her knowledge base. (She’s not supposed to use the stove if she’s home alone.) But she is definitely not one of the most patient. Having to wait the couple of weeks between these two rounds of edits was nothing short of torture, for her and for me. I have a smart phone and she doesn’t, or rather now she has two phones and I have none since she compulsively checks her email on mine.

And then yesterday, she did nothing but work on her book. I mean, from the time that we woke up, to the time we went to sleep (with an episode or two of Breaking Bad thrown in to help break up the monotony), she was glued to her computer screen. I slaved away over a hot stove (only half-kidding) to try to satiate her need for “editing fuel” (i.e. junk food).

The only problem with making Megan her favorite foods for the day is that all of the food that we usually like to have on such days consist of wheat and/or dairy products, both of which she’s allergic to. So, we had to choose. Should I make her Rotel dip, which would be more likely to upset her gallbladder, and risk her throwing up all night or spinach dip with Hawaiian Bread, which would give her a hives. Either option is better than the wrath of a hungry Megan. We went for the rash-causing treat.

And so, with bellies full of spinach dip, Hawaiian Bread, and other treats, we survived another day. And we didn’t even have to build an emergency fire to keep her toes from getting frostbite. There might have been a minor breakdown about the inability of Centaurs to use cell phones, and maybe some Benadryl gel for her rash, but no fire. And for us, that is winning!


4 Responses to “My Wife: A Descent into Madness”

  1. This is great! It’s awesome to see people support their spouse’s during major projects like writing a book! Good luck to you both!

  2. Love your clever plan of getting your husband involved in a sort of co-conspiracy! Madness doesn’t stand out so much if you “blend in.

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