What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Oral Fixation August 26, 2013

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One day on the New York subway my husband was eating a Squeeze Pop . Yes, I know he’s like a four-year-old. For those of you who don’t know, a Squeeze Pop is like a giant tube of Blistex filled with flavored corn syrup. The very concept is disgusting to me. My husband was enjoying his goo and mocking me for the icky faces I was making.

Finally, half way home to the Bronx he managed to goad me into trying just a little taste. I squeezed a tiny bit onto the tip and licked it. I smacked my lips a few times, and my husband asked what I thought.

I answered, “I like the taste, just not the texture. I mean, I like to lick it, just not put it in my mouth.”

I looked up, and every person on the subway car was staring at me with horrified looks. Except a few skeezy guys. They looked excited. Oops.


4 Responses to “Oral Fixation”

  1. rhettbigler Says:

    If I had been on the subway I probably would have laughed out loud.

  2. ssoldjasper Says:

    I should not even try to answer this one.

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