What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Fancy Lady (Rated PG) August 5, 2013

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A legend I’ve heard circulated many times:

A mother goes to visit her daughter and finds that she is having feminine itching issues. The mom asks her daughter if she can try to get her an appointment at the daughter’s gynecologist. The daughter manages to get an appointment, and the mother goes upstairs to shower and clean herself up.

The mom is very conservative and nervous about going to a new doctor, but she goes and gets checked out. When the mom comes home the daughter notices that her mom looks shaken up and asks if everything went alright.

The mother says, “Oh I’m fine. But the Doctor was a little strange.”

“What do you mean?” The daughter asks.

“He called me… fancy.”

The daughter finds this strange since the Doctor had never been inappropriate with her before.

“Did you do anything weird?” the daughter asks.

“No, I just showered and used some of you feminine deodorant spray.”

“But Mom… I don’t own any feminine deodorant spray.”

They go upstairs, and the mother searches around for the can of spray she had used. It was spray glitter. The woman had glittered up her vagina. Fancy indeed. I picture the Doctor thinking, “no shit it itches, lady.”


One Response to “Fancy Lady (Rated PG)”

  1. Sari Says:

    OMG. I can imagine this happening, too…

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