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U-Turn July 17, 2013

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A few years ago I was performing down in Florida. As it turned out, the theatre gods allowed us three days off starting on New Year’s Day. For those of you not in theatre, actors who are lucky enough to be employed usually get one day off a week. Maybe, maybe two if you’re lucky or in low season. But never do we get three whole days unless we’re unemployed. So, my husband and I, along with three of our friends decided to go to Disney World for three days. Super early on the 1st we drove the three hours to Orlando and spent the entire day in the parks. That night, after fifteen-ish hours of magic we had to go and find our on-park cabin.

Normally, cabins at Disney are out of the regional actor price range. But one of our friends had a friend working for Disney, so we got a discount. That night we drove following the Wilderness Lodge signs. Exhausted, we turned into the Wilderness Lodge drive way and a Disney Employee greeted us with her magical smile and said, “Welcome Home!” We all smiled relieved.

“Yes, we have a cabin at Fort Wilderness for the next two nights,” my husband said.

“You goin’ da wrong way. You goin’ need to make a u-turn,”  the woman said all trace of Disney smile gone.

Eventually we found the cabin. The next night we couldn’t find a bus back, and it was literally freezing (there was a cold front in Florida. Iguanas hibernated. It was a thing.) I really think that cabin just didn’t want us there. Maybe the cabin was a snob and didn’t like people who used discounts.

We had a Disney magic wonderful time (I even got to hang out with Pluto!), but now every time something just won’t go right, all I can think is, “Welcome Home! You goin’ da wrong way.”


4 Responses to “U-Turn”

  1. rockettattoo Says:

    and here Pluto told me he would only hang out with me. Humph!

  2. kerbey Says:

    Iguana hibernate? Was that woman Jamaican?

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