What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Kittysicle July 3, 2013

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My mom has a huge backyard with a creek and a stream running through it. The creek is a real creek that is six feet deep and pretty wide. The stream is glorified run-off, but it can reach waist high if the season has been wet enough. One winter I was out in the backyard playing, and my cats being more like dogs had followed me running and frolicking in the snow. I knew where the frozen little stream was and ran right around it avoiding icy danger completely. My cats did not. They tackled each other right on the ice, and with a horrible cracking noise, all three cats disappeared into the freezing water.

Me being me, I jumped into the waist high water after them. It was quite possibly the coldest thing I have ever felt in my life. I made a big enough hole in the ice that three kitty heads appeared next to me howling. I grabbed the cats one by one and shoved them down my coat. If you’ve never had three cats down the front of your winter coat, I would not recommend it. You know the part in Alien where the guy’s stomach is ripped open by an evil alien? I know his pain. I broke through the ice and crawled back out of the water. The cats did NOT like this. But I couldn’t let them out of my coat to freeze. So I endured the scratching and biting all the way back up to the house.

I dropped the dripping, yowling cats onto the living room floor. They all curled up underneath the woodstove while I dabbed the blood from my stomach. I still have those scars, but I don’t think my cats even remembered the time I saved them from a watery death. So much for feline gratitude. Apparently putting them in a tub to save them from a tornado or stuffing them in my coat so they don’t freeze are just unique forms of torture. Go figure.


6 Responses to “Kittysicle”

  1. Running1 Says:

    I grew up a tomboy and there was something about creeks. When my kids started playing in the one in my neighborhood – it was like I had provided the childhood dream of every kid. Of course they took cell phones, safety items and snacks so it wasn’t exactly the same. Thx for the memory.

  2. ABE Says:

    I’m inventing a new phrase (may not stick if I have to explain it, though): ‘Without the sense God gave cats’ to mean someone even more out of it than cats on a creek. Probably won’t work, but I will remember your story.

  3. rockettattoo Says:

    glad to hear you were able to save them from a catrastophie

  4. You’re a cat heroine with the scars to prove it!

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