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The Case of the Black Bra (Rated PG-13) June 1, 2013

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One day when I was a sophomore in college I was walking by my husband’s dorm room window. It was Halloween, and he had put a giant twinkle light spider up in his window. I smiled as I walked past, knowing how proud he was of his decorations since Halloween was and is to this day his favorite holiday. I glanced at the window next to his. I should explain that the windows in this dorm reached from waist height to the ceiling and spanned the length of the room. So any logical person closed the window when they were changing, or changed in the bathrooms that connected each of the suites.

Now, as I looked at the window next to his, I saw his suitemate come out of the bathroom shirtless. Not a strange thing really since the suitemate was male. But then someone followed him out of the bathroom, someone with a tiny black bra desperately trying to hold in a huge set of boobs. It was one of those train wreck moments when I knew I should look away but had forgotten how. The suitemate disappeared onto the bed, and moments later there was no mistaking what Black Bra was doing. That’s when my feet remembered how to move, and I ran for class giggling my little head off.

Two years later I was a senior tutoring at a learning enhancement center, and some of the other tutors and I were chatting when the topic turned to mister suitemate, who had by this time created quite the reputation on campus. I told them about the black bra incident and we all laughed. Silly exhibitionist suitemate having sex with the windows open. Hehehe. But one of the girls I was sitting with had gone suddenly pale and silent. She was Black Bra in the flesh! Well, in the now much more clothed flesh. She hadn’t noticed that the windows were open. She had trusted the manwhore.  She was shocked and humiliated, but a lesson can be learned from her pain. Always check the windows, and just pretend it wasn’t you.


4 Responses to “The Case of the Black Bra (Rated PG-13)”

  1. ABE Says:

    “It was one of those train wreck moments when I knew I should look away but had forgotten how.”

    Poor girl!

  2. I can’t believe you met black bra in the flesh. So crazy!

  3. helenrj Says:

    I definitely agree with ‘pretend it wasn’t you’, and in the process do the old switcheroo and begin conversing about high art and religion.

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