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It’s a Good Thing He’s Pretty May 27, 2013

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Senior year of college my fiancé and I got an apartment together off campus (scandalous, I know). It was in a, shall we say, skeezy part of town, but we could afford the rent so we went with it. Inside the apartment was great! New carpets, walk-in closet, big bathroom. The only problem was the heat. For some reason, the heat would kick on, but it never really warmed up our bedroom. Right before Thanksgiving break I had had enough of being cold. I just wanted to sleep in a warm cuddly bed, and since making the heat actually heat didn’t seem to be an option, I turned to the old standby of an electric blanket. But electric blankets are expensive, and we had no money. But we were heading to my fiancé’s parents for Thanksgiving. So I asked if his parents had an electric blanket.

“Yes,” he said nodding as we packed the car.

“Do you think we could borrow it?”  I asked.

“No, they might need it.” He replied,

“But they have central heating. Your house is always warm.”

“But if the power goes out they’ll need  it.” He says in complete seriousness.

“If the power goes out they’ll need it?” I asked.

“Yes.” He said nodding his head.

“If the power goes out they’ll need the electric blanket?” I asked again.

“Yes!” He said obviously getting frustrated with my complete lack of consideration for his family’s comfort sans electricity.

“You’re right,” I said apologetically. “If the ELECTIRCITY goes out, your family will really need that ELECTRIC blanket.”

Finally I saw the non-electric  light bulb in his brain kick on as he started glaring at me knowing full well that I would be telling everyone this story. It’s a good thing he’s pretty and a tenor.


7 Responses to “It’s a Good Thing He’s Pretty”

  1. rockettattoo Says:

    In the words of Bill Engvall: Heeeeres your sign

  2. SummersDay Says:

    thank you I needed a laugh tonight. in your story I like how you lead him on and lead him on. You stretched it as far as it would go and then it snapped. good writing technique but it was a great line a good thing that he is pretty.

  3. Awesome post, made me laugh. I too have had many ‘genius’ moments!

  4. […] are, however, gaps in his knowledge. Like that electric blankets require electricity. And sometimes he does things like set my birthday cake on fire. But I do love […]

  5. Nice use of ‘sans’!

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