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That Time I was Funny (Rated PG-13) May 6, 2013

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I’m not usually clever or funny. I’m the straight man in life.  I stand there being practical while everyone else gets the laugh. I say something funny like once a year. The best funny thing I ever came up with all on my own was an Olympics joke a couple of years ago.

My husband and I were talking about Michael Phelps’s being kicked off the Wheaties box for “smoking the marijuana.” My husband thought it was unfair since it was a random snapshot and not something that should have been a part of his public persona. I said it made sense since children were a primary target for Wheaties advertising.  I thought that maybe he should be switched to another product like Trojan condoms, and the tag line could be, “Not even this swimmer can break through.” I hope that I can be that funny again sometime in my life.

Just submitted this idea to the manufacturers, so if you see it on a commercial in the future, remember that you saw it here first!


9 Responses to “That Time I was Funny (Rated PG-13)”

  1. Borednicole Says:

    LOLOL…still funny. 🙂

  2. rockettattoo Says:

    That’s a good one.. comedy nerd approved!

  3. You’re always funny – you always make me laugh!

  4. If we were friends I could be the funny one then?

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