What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Drive-In Disaster April 27, 2013

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When I was seventeen or so my big sister and her boyfriend took me and the boy I was seeing who was not my boyfriend, yes I did refuse to acknowledge we were dating cause I was that kid, to the drive-in movies. That night in the dark parking lot created a lifelong phobia, but don’t worry it’s not that kind of story.

I have no idea which movies we saw that night, but the horror started at intermission. As soon as the popcorn box began to sing I booked it to the bathroom to beat the half-hour-long bathroom line for the fifteen-minute intermission. What I didn’t know was that when my sister was chasing me to the ladies’ she had kicked over my soda can and quickly set it back up.

I got back to my lawn chair as the second movie was starting.  I sat down, took a sip from my soda can, and my life changed forever. As I took a drink ants flooded from the can into my mouth. They went in my mouth, up my nose, on my face, and down my shirt. I screamed bloody murder.

The ants were all over me. It was worse than any horror movie I had ever seen! I screamed and cried stripping in the middle of all the parked cars. I ran for the bathroom and tried to wash the ants off in the sink. My sister chased me and the next few minutes were a blur of panic and splashing sink water. My not-boyfriend was very sweet and offered me some of his clothes to replace those that I had tossed in my ant covered frenzy.

Somehow, I survived the ants that climbed into my sinuses, but to this day ants freak me out. I can kill spiders, mice are fine with me, but one ant and I’m a screaming little girl. I see one and I feel like they’re climbing all over me. I can feel them running up my nose. Let my tragedy serve as a warning to you all: Never set a soda on the ground, and remember if you see one ant, there are thousands waiting to strike.


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  1. […] not a particularly squeamish person. I can handle most things, unless it involves ants. I hate ants. But other than that, I’m pretty hardy. When I was little my parents took my sister and me to […]

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