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My First Love March 30, 2013

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When I was very little, I was obsessed with “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”  Each week on new-episode-night, I would keep myself awake in bed (and usually my sister in the process). Right before the show was about to start, I would creep downstairs and whine that I couldn’t sleep. (Sorry Mom!) My Mom would let me curl up on the couch, and if I laid just right I could keep one eye open and watch the episode while pretending to be asleep. I was a very clever child. When it was over I would get carried to my bed where I would sleep peacefully for the rest of the night dreaming of going where no man has gone before.

I worshiped Jean Luc Picard. He was my hero. I wanted to be Deanna Troi. I went to a Star Trek convention in costume. And I fell in love.

In the show, the Klingon Warf has a son Alexander Rozhenko. We were about the same age when he joined the show, and it was love at first episode. He was handsome and daring. He lived in the adventurous space world I longed to join. So I made a decision: I was going to marry Alexander.

Klingon wedding ceremonies are very specific, and I wanted to impress my new in-laws. So, I begged my father to teach me Klingon. He humored me and taught me a few words, which he probably made up. I wanted a bat’leth, a traditional Klingon weapon, so I could practice. Learning a fake language was fine, but learning to spin a fake weapon was too far. It was then that my father told me the truth: Alexander was not a real Klingon. He was just a little boy in really good makeup who would now have enough money to put himself through college. I was heartbroken. My first love affair had ended in disaster. I had been deceived by my beloved Captain Picard. There was no Klingon boy to come and sweep me off my feet.

Years later, Alexander made another appearance in the later Star Trek series Deep Space Nine, but there was no longer a place in my life for interspecies love (except for maybe Pluto). They say you never forget your first love and that they become the measure for everyone else you meet. I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful husband who mended the pieces on my broken heart, even if I couldn’t get married in space.

Please share your favorite Star Trek story. Make me feel like less of a geek.


12 Responses to “My First Love”

  1. Lance Says:

    No exciting story to share, but I will confess that my favorite character from that incarnation of ST was definitely Data. I guess I identified with his constant struggle to be more like everybody else. Or maybe Geordi… because he had eye problems like me… or Riker for that stiff way he always made his entrance with his head cocked to one side… or Worf, struggling to be a good parent to Alexander… Come to think of it, that show was pretty good, wasn’t it?

  2. Mom Says:

    In truth, she has never gotten over her love of Star Trek. I really believe the college course in Astronomy (which she aced) was meant to prepare her for her career in Star Fleet. Love ya, Mom

  3. Picard with his shirt off in the episode where’s he’s captured– it made me feel funny.

  4. EagleAye Says:

    I grew up on the original Star Trek. The episode entitled “The Cage” which was later combined to make the episode, “The Menagerie” featured actress Susan Oliver. I don’t think if ever seen her in anything else. Young me thought she was gorgeous (I still do) and fell for her. She was petite and warm hearted. Perfection to me. Many years later, I married my wife who is petite and warm hearted. Coincidence?

    A link to a portion of the episode:

  5. So, I am such a Star Trek nerd that my entire 7th grade classroom’s theme is Star Trek. My students earn ranks from Cadet to Admiral as they complete assignments throughout the year. Each row has a ship on the board, either Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan, or Borg and they compete every so often using these ships. Every day my students have to get out their “Mission Logs” to begin class. We begin class with our “Warp Factor 5”. We play games like “Engage,” “Warp Speed,” and “Energize”. I do an end of the year research project on a specific alien race from Star Trek in groups where he student has to research either the culture, politics, characteristics, or Military Structure from the race. This is their end of the year culminating project. Plus, I have models hanging from the ceiling and posters plastered all over the place. At least 50 different quotes from the shows and movies and placed around the walls of my classroom. So….. do not fret, for I fear you are not the nerdiest Star Trek fan yet. I’m pretty nerdy too. Thanks for liking my post!

  6. Cute and funny. While I never thought of marrying Alexander, I did so enjoy watching Battle star Galactica possible for reasons similar, cept I was a bit older by then!

  7. jwear Says:

    I am deeply in love with Data, and refuse to accept that he is incapable of loving me back.

  8. […] reached a new level of nerd. And this is coming from the girl who thought she was going to marry Alexander Rozhenko, has dressed as a TARDIS for the last three Halloweens, and craves the Walking Dead like a walker […]

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