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My Passion for Pluto March 23, 2013

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IMG_0089When the blizzard of ’93 hit, my family was on a road trip to Disney World. No amount of snow and ice could stop my mother or our Corsica. We drove down the highway and laughed at the police cars stuck in the snow. We were on a quest to the magical land of the mouse, and little things like snow and ice couldn’t be allowed to hinder our epic journey.

After days of driving through snow and sleet and dead of night, we got to Disney! We walked through the magical gates and all of my dreams came true. I could see Cinderella’s castle rising in the distance. All around me were happy children eating ice cream in the shape of the great mouse’s head. And on the sidewalk, there were showtunes playing! It was paradise!

I rode Splash Mountain, and got the poop scared out of me by the staircase room in the Haunted Mansion. Then my moment came. It was time to meet Mickey Mouse. We waited in line for our chance to meet the King of the most magical place on Earth. When the snot-nosed child in front of me had finished getting their picture, I raced up to Mickey.

“My name is Megan,” I said, wanting to properly introduce myself.

Mickey waved.

“You’re my favorite!” I cried.

Mickey gave a thumbs up and shook his booty.

“Mickey… are you ok?”

The mouse kept dancing.

“Mommy!” I screamed. “Something’s wrong with Mickey!”

I was horrified. My happy talking laughing mouse idol had been struck dumb! I cried. I panicked. My Disney dream was dead.

When my parents finally calmed me down, they managed to convince me to give it just one more try. They took me to see Pluto, the demented mouse’s faithful pet dog. When I greeted Pluto, tentatively from five feet away, he wagged his tail, licked my face, and did everything a good dog should do. No crazy mute dream-busting with Pluto. It was love at first photo-op.

My love affair with Pluto continues to this day. Whenever I go to Disney I stalk Pluto through the parks. I scour the stores for Pluto t-shirts. I have a hat signed by Pluto. I get offended when people say Pluto should still be a Planet. He’s not a Planet. He’s a dog. The dog I love!

And he loves me. This year, Pluto proposed to me. I have photographic proof.  

And though my husband doesn’t believe in polygamy, my affair with Pluto will live on. To me, Pluto will always be the King of the Magic Kingdom.


7 Responses to “My Passion for Pluto”

  1. Kelli Hunter-Campbell Says:

    You love Pluto as much as I love Donald Duck. Seriously. Same obsession. I’m glad to know there are others out there who share such devotion to the “and pals” crowd!!! 😉

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