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To Knock or Not to Knock October 7, 2015

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I have an interesting question for all of you: does it bother you when people knock on the door while you are using the bathroom?

I have a Facebook friend who rants nearly every day about how much they hate it when people knock when they are using the toilet.

Now, sometimes I claw at the bathroom door when my husband is in there just to see if he’ll get mad. Or just keep knocking incessantly to see if he’ll be done faster, and I can understand how both of those things could be considered annoying. But a sensible knock to see if someone is in the bathroom… I don’t see how that could be considered rude. On the contrary, it’s much kinder than being barged in on.

Since I don’t understand the door knocking anger, I asked a few of my good friends their opinion on the potty knocking. Unanimously, they all prefer the gentle knocking to the ferocious handle jiggle or worse, the blatant barge. Seriously there are few things more annoying than having someone constantly wiggling the door knob when you’re peeing as fast as you can.

Other potty pet peeves include the person in line in front of you who refuses to knock so you’re all forced to wait outside an empty stall, and loud door banging like the police have come to stop you from violating the poor toilet.

But I understand that like people gravitate together, so I should ask a larger population than just my friends. So what do you think? To knock or not to knock?


Dumpster Diving in Alaska October 5, 2015

Hi. Chris here again. Megan wanted me to talk to you all today about the up and coming sport of dumpster diving. Now, I know that dumpster diving isn’t exactly new, but it’s coming back into fashion.

I say this because while we were working in Alaska this summer, one of my friends, slightly foolishly, tossed a bag into the trash that had been left on the table by a customer. The bag did only appear to have rocks in it (there was an assay station on our property where kids and kids-at-heart could “mine” for minerals from a purchased bag of dirt for only $4.99). Well, the mother of the child who left behind the bag of rocks came back to the restaurant in a panic because her daughter had left a bag that had gold earrings in it.

My friend looked a little taken aback. He told the lady that he had searched the bag and only found rocks, so he tossed it. She swore that the earrings were in there. The problem was, the trash had already been taken to the dumpster. She didn’t care. She was going to brave the dumpster and rescue her daughter’s earrings.

I had to explain to her that, no. She could not be allowed to go into the dumpster because if something were to happen to her, she wouldn’t be covered by any kind of insurance. I then explained to her that I would be covered, so I would go into the dumpster for her. And I did. (more…)


A Plot to Save Pluto October 3, 2015

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Here’s the thing. I love Pluto. Not Pluto the planet, Pluto the Disney dog.

If you need proof or back story on why Pluto is amazing, you can follow these links to my previous blog posts about the wonderment that is Pluto.

Pluto on Pluto
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If you want a history of Pluto, click here. And if you want to watch a video so you have proof that Pluto is the best, click here.

All right, now here is the problem. I think I’ve just established that since his first appearance in 1930, Pluto has shown himself to be clever, loving and fun. I don’t want to start a controversy, but I firmly believe that Pluto is in fact a better role model and friend than Mickey.

Yet Mickey has theme parks! Mickey gets to be the star of the parades, and Mickey has all the merchandise.

Now I know that it is too late to dethrone the mouse. It would take a coup d’état that would leave the small world ride in ruins.

But I don’t think it’s too much to ask to want a cute Pluto t-shirt, tank top, or even a nice hat! I don’t mean one of those weird hats with the droopy ears. I want a classy baseball cap.

And as for shirts, even Maleficent had cute girly tank tops in all the Disney stores. Pluto: nothing feminine. This02_ParksBlog_DogDays_PlutoPullShirt
is the ONLY Pluto shirt they have! The only one! (more…)


An Untimely Demise September 28, 2015

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Once upon a time when I was still in my ridiculously skinny and sickly pale stage, I was cast as a holocaust victim in the show I Never Saw Another Butterfly. My sister, with the bright blond hair and super blue eyes was kindly asked to assistant stage manage.

I didn’t do too much in the show. I dove for imaginary bread and survived a firing squad. There was a lot of tragedy obviously, but it was a pretty easy show. Until one of the kids had to go out for like the flu or a hangnail or something. It didn’t really matter until we got to the firing line scene.

There was this whole list of names, and as each name was read, a shot was fired and one person was killed. In the original blocking I was one of the few to not be executed. But hangnail kid had been given a name and was supposed to be dramatically killed. And each read name had to be shown with a kid dying because the very last name was that of the romantic lead, and then it was all still and solemn.

The stage manager asked me to die on hangnail’s name, and I was so excited. I finally got to crumple to the ground with everyone else. And I was ready for it. So ready for it.

Until I was onstage and realized that with the stage lights in my eyes and the sound cues of firing guns I didn’t actually remember what name I was supposed to die on. (more…)


Thrift Store/Metaphor September 26, 2015

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The first review for the new musical the husband and I have been working on!

Originally posted on Southwest Florida Journal:

Second Chances

How fitting that Second Chances: The Thrift Shop Musical had its premiere in the week when Pope Francis is in the United States urging everyone to love their neighbors. The play by Broadway Palm paterfamilias Tom Ross Prather poignantly demonstrates heart and humanity.

The plot takes us through a year in the life of a church-run thrift shop. Along the way, we meet the staff and learn that they, like the merchandise, are in search of second chances. The manager has a husband who has returned from Iraq with emotional problems. The feisty cashier has cancer. One of the folks in the backroom is newly widowed; the other is long-divorced. The new “volunteer” is fulfilling the community service terms of his probation. Even though faced with troubles of their own, they manage to reach out to others in need.

The cast shines in the small Off-Broadway space. Without the need…

View original 118 more words


The Musical Has Opened!

Second Chances: the Thrift Shop Musical is officially opened, and I am officially a big kid lyricist! I’m like in the program and two newspaper articles! It’s crazy! One of the articles even stated my age, which was… great. I mean, I’m not terrified of being an aging chorus girl. That would be weird. Maybe I should look up how expensive botox is. Hmm…

But really, sorry for the absence. Between moving literally across the country and opening a brand new musical I haven’t had two brain cells to rub together or time in which to do it.


Even still… I got nothing.

I don’t have any funny stories. I mean, there’s a cat who thinks he lives in my company-provided condo. Or maybe he’s just trying to spread his wings and make the whole condo complex his home. I opened the door to go outside, and the cat ran in. As soon as I reached down to grab him, he ducked under the futon so I couldn’t reach him. Tried to lure him out with cheese. Cat hates cheese. Had to wait it out. Was a little late for rehearsal because I had a stowaway cat hiding under one of the four sofas in my living room.

And I made friends with a lizard.

Sorry, guys. I’ll try for excitement on Monday.


A Ceremonial Burning September 19, 2015

So, in my days as a Girl Scout before we discovered that Boy Scouts have way less paperwork and I joined the male side of the scouting world, I went to the Norwich Camporee. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the comcept of a camporee, it’s basically a bunch of scouts camping in a giant field while hoping no one pees on their tent in the middle of the night while spending the days competing in the mud, trying to prove yourself the best at everything from knot tying and fire building to following directions and team skills. Needless to say, our patrol won.

Norwich was an amazing experience, and one of the coolest parts was the Saturday night bonfire. The Norwich students had used old phone poles, and yes I do mean as-tall-as-a-house phone poles for the base, and built the biggest bonfire I had ever seen. And I didn’t even get to see the sucker get lit since the fire marshal came and made them take off a few layers to decrease the chance of it falling and killing us all. But even at its moderately diminished height, that fire was a thing of beauty. And then they brought out an old American flag that had seen better days and needed to be burned. They cut out all the different pieces and laid them on the fire in a beautiful ceremony. (To read about the proper disposal of the American flag by Boy Scouts, click here.)

Watching a bunch of what seemed like older people to me at the time but were really college students treat a flag so reverently taught me a lot of things.

First, and as a disclaimer, I don’t agree with everything our government does. I don’t agree with how we handle our underprivileged, our students or our minorities. But this is still my home. And seeing the flag treated so reverently has burned into my mind that the stars and stripes, which were probably manufactured in China, aren’t about what’s happening today. It’s a flag that has been built over two centuries. Literally, we’ve added stars, we’ve changed the flag to fit our country. It’s about a country that’s learned and grown and has potential to continue to grow, maybe not in land mass, but in principle.

So when we all start fighting about the presidential debate, (which has already begun, so fasten your seatbelts, this one is going to be a rough ride) please remember that when we look at the flag, we might all see different things. But it’s still a flag that belongs to all of us. It’s a part of our journey as a nation and that journey isn’t done. We are still creating the history of the flag. And the next time a flag is placed reverently on a fire one star at a time, maybe don’t worry about the politicians who are fighting. But think about the school that the flag flew over, because maybe the choices we make as we live under the flag make just as a big a difference as the fights we have over it.



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