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A Tacky Turkey November 25, 2015

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When I was super little, my mother was still quasi-determined that we spend time with our extended family. And Thanksgiving is a time for family.

We would drive over to my grandfather and step-grandmother’s house. My step-grandmother was not the maternal type or a good cook. One year, she tried to microwave the turkey. Yep, you read that right: microwave the turkey. I ate only olives that Thanksgiving. It was a sad, sad day in my little life.

The last year we attended Thanksgiving, I was sick. So sick that I was allowed to sleep on the couch instead of being forced to spend time with my cousins.

My nap was eventually ruined by the police pounding on the front door. My cousins had gotten bored and decided to break into my grandfather’s garage to see why the garage was locked. Of course they set off the fancy alarms and the cops showed up five minutes later. There was lots of yelling. My grandfather was furious. But on the upside, my mother decided that we didn’t need to attend the family meals anymore. We started eating Thanksgiving dinner at home. My mother never once tried to nuke the turkey.


Nuttycracker Sweet November 24, 2015


You guys! This is the promo material that my publisher just sent out for my new novella Nuttycracker Sweet! I’m so excited to get this out there! All the exclamation points!!!!


Book Trailer Link:

Nuttycracker Sweet by Megan O’Russell
Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Fiery Seas Publishing, LLC
December 8, 2015

Pointe shoes, tutus, and a snowy road trip with the man she hates. What could possibly go wrong?

The plan was simple. Get to Portland, dance The Nutcracker, and don’t murder your dance partner. And most definitely, do not, under any circumstances, fall in love with him.

A snowy road trip strands Elle Grant in a tiny cabin better suited for serial killings than rehearsals for two professional ballet dancers. With no one but the incredibly talented, excruciatingly handsome, and notoriously terrible Zachary Benson and a few taxidermy woodland creatures for company, Elle’s Christmas plans are officially ruined. Can she and Zach learn to like each other enough to dance together? And can Elle get home without losing her heart to the Christmas Cavalier?
About the Author:

Megan is thrilled to be working with Fiery Seas Publishing! Her other published works include Young Adult fantasy novels The Tethering and The Siren’s Realm. Megan is also a featured author in the Athena’s Daughters 2 anthology of women in speculative fiction.

Megan is a professional performer who travels the country living out a thousand lives on stage. Her wonderful husband and frequent dance partner is always by her side.

For more information on Megan’s books, you can visit her website at
Social Media:

Twitter (Megan O’Russell’s Author Twitter)

Twitter (LifeBeyondExaggeration)





Blood in the Pointe Shoe November 21, 2015

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It’s that time again, folks! We’re are creeping up to the big release for my Christmas novella Nuttycracker Sweet, which is going to be released by Fiery Seas Publishing on December 8th!

I’ve started working on the promo materials, and it’s all been a little crazy. I’m a professional performer. It’s how I buy food, and I know I am super privileged to get to do what I love to do for actual dollars. But I am by no means a ballet dancer. It all started with not having enough turnout, then moved to the fact that I’m built like an amazon with real boobs, and there was also that nagging fact that classical music isn’t really my thing.

But I did spend hours in pointe shoes. And for those of you who have never had the wonderful experience of pulling bloody lambs wool from between your toes, dancing in pointe shoes is not a glamorous thing. (more…)


A Writer’s Community on YAtopia November 18, 2015

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Guess what, guys! I am now a contributor on the YAtopia blog! And no, my post isn’t a silly story about the time I stuck my head through a banister, a sarcastic haiku, or a list of that awkward moment posts. Though if you want a snarky haiku, please continue to read.

The post is about the importance of an online community for writers. It’s all heartfelt and everything. So check out the post, and don’t forget to like it.

And now for the promised snarky haiku:

My arms are sweaty,
The air holds much moisture,
November Palm Trees

And for you fans of It’s a Wonderful Life:

Suicide Christmas,
A bell rings for angel wings,
Are we happy yet?


Leader of the Band November 14, 2015

Hello everyone! Chris here once again. Megan has a full schedule over the next week-and-a-half what with rehearsals for the musical version of It’s a Wonderful Life and performances of Fancy Nancy, and as I just opened the show I was working on last night, I told her that I would love to do a post on her blog and give her some more time to focus on the shows.

The show that I just opened is Plaid Tidings, the holiday followup to the original Forever Plaid, a story of four young men who come back from heaven to perform the show they never got to in life. The show is truly wonderful, and I have the pleasure of getting to play piano for it onstage every night. This is the first show that I’ve ever played without also singing, and it has been a truly stressful yet rewarding challenge getting the show open. All that aside, one of my bassists was introducing me to his girlfriend last night and referred to me as the “band leader.”

I actually freaked out a little. (more…)


The Cane Mutiny (Rated PG) November 5, 2015

So, right now I’m working in a very small theatre. Like one-hundred-and-fifty seats, the stage is two feet high, and we have no microphones kind of small. It’s usually really great to work in such an intimate space, but every once in a while I want to scream and refuse to ever work on a small stage again. For example, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the actor standing two feet away from you can in fact hear you talking to your neighbor. Even if we’re in a blackout, the darkness does not block out noise. I can hear what you’re saying. And yes, I do know how much longer Act I is, and no, I am not going to answer you right now.

But the mother of all things that pisses Megan off while she’s on stage is when you put your shit on my stage. I don’t care if it’s a program, a tissue, or a cane. Don’t put your shit on my stage. Especially not a freakin’ cane! A cane! Right on the front of the stage.

What did he think? That we didn’t need that part of the stage? That his cane would be a nice addition to the set décor? WTF, sir? We are not your television. If we trip, we fall and get hurt.

And this, this is an eloquently simple demonstration of what is wrong with the human race. (more…)


The Lurching Line November 2, 2015

I had a wonderful director and mentor years ago. He was a loving and kind man with some of the most wonderful stories.

My personal favorite was about his time with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He did all of his training there, and obviously the program helped him to become extraordinarily successful. After a while, RSC gave him a chance to have a line in a show. I can’t remember which show it was, but he played a guard and had one line. Just one. The rest of the time he was on stage he just had to stand there looking severe and intimidating.

He went into his first rehearsal as a real performer with the company, and he was determined to prove himself. He was going to be the best guard the RSC had ever had! They got to his line, he opened his mouth to speak, and projectile vomited all over the stage.

He had made himself so nervous he had gotten ill.

His role was taken away, and it was years before they finally let him speak on stage again.

But he always told the story to us laughing the whole time. Because if he could make it from one line making him puke to a star, what could the rest of us manage?



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