What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Lessons Learned September 17, 2014

Today is the last day to preorder The Tethering! Dear Lord, I can’t believe I made it.

This has been one of the most stressful months of my life! And here are a few important lessons I learned.

When you tell people you wrote a book  that is going to be published, you’ll get, in my experience, some strange reactions.

Disinterest — “Oh. Well, did you hear that so-and-so had a baby.”

The listener wanting to join — “Oh really? I wrote a short story when I was four. It was about a mouse. I think I might rework it and have it published.” (more…)


The Best of Denali September 15, 2014

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We’re awake! It took a few days, but I think we’re finally back on some semblance of a sleep schedule. While Megan is dealing with the end of her preorder (which ends Wednesday at midnight EST), she tasked me with showing all of you the best photos that we took while we were in Denali this summer. I’m not sure who took which photos. She usually doesn’t even try to take the camera from me since that’s become a hobby of mine, but she definitely took some of the pictures I’ll be showing you. Without further ado, I give you Denali! (more…)


We Made It! September 13, 2014

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Left our housing in Denali at 8:30AM Thursday, September 11th Alaska time. Got to our hotel in Pennsylvania at 3:00AM Today EST. Sorry there won’t be a post today. Can’t feel my face… My mouth tastes like teddy bear. And there’s no hotel room for us tomorrow night. Monday’s post might be about a night spent in a ditch in Amish country.


The Boy Who Loved September 10, 2014

I try to be nice. I try to accept all the good things life bring to me with humility and the bad with good grace. But dear God I am at the end of my rope!

Preorder for The Tethering is going super well. For a first time author, having 164 copies sold in preorder and only ten of them going to my mother is astonishing. The book’s gotten great reviews, and everyone is saying wonderful things about it.

But the killer phrase that’s going around, the phrase that is causing extreme panic in my soul, is Harry Potter.

The Tethering is nothing like Harry Potter! I mean yes, there is magic and wizards. Yes, my protagonist is male in gender. But The Tethering is not an epic fantasy book. There is no magical castle where they are hidden from the world. My characters exist in a world of airplanes and cell phones. In The Tethering, magic is meeting the real world, not being confined behind ancient walls.

Now that is not at all to say I don’t absolutely love Harry Potter. I do. I think J.K. Rowling is a genius! I crave butter beer! I want to ride the Hogwarts Express.

But that’s just not what The Tethering is. And I’m so afraid that someone will read that it’s just like Harry Potter and go into the book expecting some epic world and a seven-book series. Then they’ll hate The Tethering for not being Harry Potter instead of giving themselves a chance to love Jacob Evans for who he is. Harry Potter is the boy who lived, Jacob Evans is the boy who loved.

Please forgive my freak out. I am grateful for all The Tethering love, just terrified of comparisons.

If you want to read the terrifying review click here.

If you want to preorder The Tethering and read about Jacob for yourself, click here.

And if you want more of my authorly freakouts, click here to follow my author blog, or like me on Facebook.

Also, I apologize for the late post. My husband and I have been packing for the last two days, getting ready to leave Alaska and go straight to Pennsylvania for another job. Hi-Ho!


Mail Order Male September 8, 2014

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Last week, we did a wonderful ridge hike to see the fall colors in Denali. There was some snow, some slipping, and lots of burning in my legs.


It took us longer to finish the hike than expected, what with the snow and the wind storm up on the ridge. So, we missed our shuttle back out of the park. Rather than wait an hour and a half for the next bus, my husband, our friend, and I decided to hitchhike out of the park. It took a few minutes and a few waving tourists (a thumb out is a plea to get out of the cold, not a friendly hello), before a really nice car with two gentlemen seated up front pulled over. (more…)


A Soul Mate, and Other Lies Cinderella Taught You September 6, 2014

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Lately, I’ve seen a bunch of articles circling the Book of Face all about how the concept of soul mates is ruining modern dating and marriage.

As a disclaimer, I should probably remind you that my dating experience is limited and my relationship advice disastrous, usually involving instant marriage or chopping of genitals.

I do see the problem in waiting for one person who is Prince Charming. A man who is rich, handsome, brilliant, and happens to own a horse. And of course, all of these fine qualities haven’t turned him into a megalomaniac. I mean, if there were millions of men running around who met those qualifications, then sure, spending your life waiting to be swept off onto horseback by a man with perfect hair would absolutely be a reasonable proposition.

But with the severe lack of horseback riding millionaires, perhaps we need to focus not on the standard set by Disney, but on the real life soul mate. (more…)


The Evil Intruder September 3, 2014

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Once upon a time a long time ago in a far away land called Massachusetts, my husband and I were visiting my Great Aunt. Her home was full of guests on that fateful night, so my husband and I went out to sleep on the glass screen porch. The bed was too small, so we had to split up, each sleeping on our own air mattress.

In the middle of the night, I woke up to the strangest feeling. Something was itching my stomach and then my side. I reached under the covers and grabbed a spider! I tossed it against the wall and heard it hit the glass with a satisfying smack! I settled back into sleep, assured of my victory over the eight-legged intruder. But not a minute later, I felt the itching again. I reached down to my leg and grabbed another handful of evil spider doom! I tossed this spider aside with his fellow, hearing the smack on the glass that I hoped meant his death!

I was a spider warrior, and there was only one thing left to do. Wake up my husband, turn on the lights, strip the beds, and make him switch with me. After all, there are only so many spiders in your sheets a girl can be asked to deal with bravely in one night.



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